Koleksiyon: Babor Men

In recent years, men have taken care of their care as much as women. Because the most important rule of looking healthy is a well-groomed and lively skin. Smooth skin is no longer a dream for men. With the BABOR MEN skin care series, it achieves results in the shortest time possible and makes you look healthy and fit with an attractive, lively, smooth skin. BABOR MEN products are now an indispensable habit of men...

The skin structure of men is quite different from that of women. In men, the epidermis is 30 times thicker, due to the high collagen content, men's skin is tighter and more elastic. Oil production is also 75% more than women's skin. For all these reasons, in recent years, men care about their skin as much as women and pay attention to their care.

The products in the BABOR MEN series help to renew the skin and revitalize the skin. It protects the skin against free radicals and external factors, soothes the sensitivity caused by the razor blade during shaving. BABOR MEN is a brand new skin care line for men and has everything that men's skin needs.

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