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The active ingredients of DOCTOR BABOR dermocosmetic products are based on many years of clinical studies and have been specially developed for different skin problems. DOCTOR BABOR dedicates all his scientific work to the pursuit of beautiful skin. The founder of the firm, Dr. Michael Babor was a biochemist. With his groundbreaking research, he formed the basis of the DOCTOR BABOR product line: BIOGEN HERB EXTRACT – this ingredient that provides intense skin regeneration is a highly effective active complex. With the help of concentrated active ingredients, DOCTOR BABOR provides visible and measurable results for specific skin needs.
Research by DOCTOR BABOR laboratories brings together knowledge from the medical world and the natural world. In 1956, when Dr Michael Babor developed the first BABOR hit formula, he was aware that perfectly concentrated active ingredients provide intensive care for the skin and created the first "at-home beautician". This groundbreaking invention formed the basis of the high-performance DOCTOR BABOR skincare line. With the help of skin experts, DOCTOR BABOR offers suitable solutions for different skin needs and achieves measurable, visible results. The cell, which forms the basis of skin research, is the starting point of the Cellular series. The products are designed to repair, heal or intensify cellular structures, thereby smoothing and soothing the skin.

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