You are unique. And so is your skin.

A pioneer in professional skincare, BABOR unlocks the secrets of the finest natural, active ingredients and translates them into luxury skincare products that deliver maximum effectiveness and skin-type compatibility. DR BABOR provides luxury-quality, medical-grade skincare products made with only the finest, natural active ingredients. DR BABOR’s skincare treatments are unparalleled in their efficiency, with the exclusive formulas for cleansing, lifting, hydrating, and exfoliating. We recommend a skin care treatment plan customized for your skin type and unique needs. The Advanced Skincare treatments provided by our highly trained and experienced beautician team, combined with the best-in- class DR BABOR products, will bring out the glowing, vibrant complexion you desire.

The Results: Individual skincare systems, offered in combination with professional beauty treatments that meet the needs of even the most discerning clientele and ensure a lastingly healthy complexion.

BABOR respects your individuality and the uniqueness of your skin. Skincare needs vary greatly, so choosing the right skincare products and beauty treatments is essential for long-lasting beauty. BABOR offers a range of treatments and products that are specially designed to treat and care for the needs of every skin type and skin condition.

Named as “The new era” in skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation – AQUA PEEL visibly reduces wrinkles, fine lines and acne,INSTANTLY IMPROVING skin tone and texture.

What is an Aqua Peel?

Integrating vacuum extraction, exfoliation, hydration and iontophoresis, an Aqua Peel is a safe, multi- faceted approach to skin revitalization. In works in four different ways:
Cleanse – By using gentle vacuum suction throughout the treatment, dead skin cells are removed and the skin is cleansed.Peel – A mild chemical peel is applied, loosening debris from the skin and unclogging pores. Extract – Debris from clogged pores is removed without the need for manual extraction. Hydrate – Depending on the type and severity of the skin condition, different serums and masks can be blended and infused into the skin.The Aqua Peel treatment is painless and does not use abrasive materials that may cause discomfort. Additional benefits to receiving an Aqua Peel over more extensive treatments are:

  • -No downtime is necessary, allowing the patient to return to normal activities immediately.
  • The risks associated with using abrasive materials for skin exfoliation are eliminated.
  • There are visible results after just one treatment.
  • The cutting-edge Spiral technology allows for optimal exfoliation and product absorption .
  • The topical solutions can be customized to fit every patient’s individual needs.

    An Aqua Peel can effectively treat multiple skin conditions including acne, blemishes, porecongestion, aging skin, dehydration, sensitive skin and fine lines. Aqua Peels can be used on all skintypes Depending on the patient’s individual skin condition, different solutions will be used.

The ideal skincare system for dry skin. This treatment conditions dry, flaky and unpleasantly tight skin, making it soft and supple again. Helps balance the skin’s lipid and moisture levels. The complexion is left looking fresh and rosy. By using gentle vacuum suction throughout the treatment, dead skin cells are removed and the skin is cleansed. Peel – A mild chemical peel is applied, loosening debris from the skin and unclogging pores. Extract – Debris from clogged pores is removed without the need for manual extraction. Hydrate – Depending on the type and severity of the skin condition, different serums and masks can be blended and infused into the skin

Duration: 70 minutes

Specially designed for blemishes and problematic skin, this treatment refines the skin’s texture and deeply cleanses pores through the use of potent papaya enzymes. Instantly purifying and regaining freshness, this leaves the skin clean and clear.
With anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, Babor Doctor Babor Purity Cellular Ultimate Blemish Reducing Treatment normalizes sebum production and calms skin irritation for a clear, even complexion.

• Prevents inflammation of sebaceous glands, regulating sebum production.
• Soothes reddened, irritated skin.
• Dissolves excess oil.
• Prevents stress-induced blemishes.
• Results in a clear, comfortable complexion.
• Key Ingredients: D-actryl Complex - Normalizes sebum production, prevents new blackhead formation, and soothes irritation.
• Clove Flower Oil - Purifying; removes excess oil.
• Butterbur - Anti-inflammatory and soothing.

Duration: 80-90 minutes

Two types of skin aging occur: intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging is related to DNA and genetics. Extrinsic aging is related to lifestyle and environmental factors like exposure to the sun and eating poorly. Telomeres are small segments of DNA, which coat the tips of chromosomes. These telomeres are critical in cell positioning, accuracy of replication and structural integrity.
HSR DeLuxe boasts the synthesis of high-performance active ingredients including HSR Telovitin, HSR Lifting Integral Complex and essence of rare black pearl. These compositions are natural yet effective enough to prevent signs of premature skin ageing
The Telovitin created in the Babor Laboratory helps fight skin aging at its source – cell vitality. It delays skin aging by stabilizing the tips of the chromosomes, which greatly extends the life cycle of skin cells and significantly slows down skin aging. Apart from increasing the lifespan of skin cells, it also helps to tighten pores and reduce pigment spots

Plump and densify your skin with this collagen booster therapy. Using ultra-potent hyaluronic acid and collagen to boost the skin from the inside out and smooth lines and wrinkles. The effect of this treatment is amplified with a thermo sculpting mask to seriously lift and reshape the facial contour.

For thousands of years, particularly in Asian countries, people have been striving to achieve an even, flawless procelain complexion with refined pores. It is a symbol of purity, health, and social status. BABOR invites you to a world of rewhitening: MelanoxyTM unlike anything you have experienced before. Which ever method you choose, DOCTOR BABOR WHITENING CELLUAR will be the ideal companion on your individual quest for lasting beauty. Effective smooth complextion lightening facial treatment for more even pigmentation and skin tone.