Stardust - Ice Laser, Epilation

Perfect, smooth skin is synonymous with beauty and sensuality and today, the laser beam definitively resolves all the aesthetic and technical issues associated with the complete removal of unwanted hair, ensuring excellent results.
It is used as a quick and effective form of professional, progressive and long-lasting epilation and is certainly better than any conventional method of hair removal.
ITS Group has designed and created Stardust, a device for beauty professionals which uses the light of the diode laser and is one of the most modern and efficient forms of professional epilation.
The Stardust system is currently the simplest and most practical solution for the safe removal of superfluous hair, offering the guarantee of safe, total and definitive epilation.
It is ideal for all types of skin, even the most sensitive, and for particularly fair or light-coloured skin.
A long-lasting but completely painless depilation
This technology is effective because the continuous beam of light emitted removes hairs in an area much larger than that of conventional epilation equipment, with the advantage of halving the time required for treatment and greatly reducing the length of the sessions.
This advantage is due to the research carried out by the team at ITS Group who have perfected the diode laser technology to make it more efficient and to offer long-lasting but completely painless depilation, by using an innovative system to cool the laser head.
The beam of light can be used for perfect depilation of every part of the face and body, taking particular care around the eyes, obtaining smooth, bright and velvety skin in little time.

What is Diode Laser STARDUST and how does it work?
Diode Laser STARDUST is a revolutionary technology that uses impulses of high-intensity laser light to gradually perform permanent hair removal.
What can Diode Laser STARDUST treat?
The Diode Laser is suitable for permanent progressive unwanted hair removal and provides resultsquickly.
How many treatment sessions are required?
It is possible to achieve effective results and reduce up to 90% of germinative cells patrimony. The number of treatment sessions required depends on the size and on the severity of the condition being treated, but tipically 4-5 treatment sessions are performed.
Is hair removal permanent?
It is possible to achieve effective results and reduce up to 90% of germinative cells patrimony. Multiple treatments respectively spaced apart are required in order to achieve stable results over time.
Is Diode Laser STARDUST safe?
Diode Laser STARDUST has been proven to be absolutely safe and it is not harmful to the human body if the treatment protocols are followed. Redness may occur but tipically disappears quickly.
Who is not suitable for Diode Laser STARDUST treatment?
It is not advisable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those with tanned skins, patients on any drug that can cause photosensitivity, and those with skin affections in the area to be treated.
Is it painful?
During the treatment, a mild flicking sensation is experienced as the laser pulses.

At *least* two days before, to be exact. You can receive this treatment if you're sunburned — or even if you have a tan. Summer can be the time to start laser hair removal if you're a fan of the outdoors.

· Do NOT proceed to come in with your hairy self. This isn't like waxing, and you don't need to grow your unwanted hair out beforehand.On that note, you can't come in for laser hair removal if you've had a wax recently. Remember: The laser targets the PIGMENT of your hair follicle, and the follicle actually has to be there in order for this to work.
The best thing you can do is shave a day before your appointment.

o Put on some sunscreen to cover that sensitive skin. Lasered skin is vulnerable to direct sunlight and may be prone to darkening. This is especially important in those with dark skin.

o Avoid heat treatment like hot showers, steam rooms and sauna for at least 24-48 hours.

o Stay away from laser hair removal if you are on any anti-biotic medication. This should be up-held for another 2 weeks after finishing the medication.

o Apply an ice-pack on the treated skin to reduce any pain and you can also use an ice-pack pre-treatment to numb the skin, much like an local anesthetic.

o With the exception of mineral make up which can be used post treatment, avoid any make up for at least a day.

o Use sun screen with SPF 15, 20 or 50 and above. A well recognized and approved brand is Babor
o It’s also a good idea to also buy a numbing cream and a post care calming cream to help reduce irritation and sensitivity (especially for first-timers).
o Make sure to adequately space out laser hair removal sessions. Ideally, 4-6 weeks is advised.
o If you are going to get your underarms done, organize for an early morning treatment to avoid deodorant and perfume use before the procedure.

10-15 days following each laser epilation session you are welcome to a free control session. The control is done for body parts such as; arms, legs, back, chest or genital area. You need to make an appointment for the free consult. İf there is no need for a control session it will have no impact on your treatment. After a period of time control session will not be required due to the fact that it might alter the course of treatment. Late control session can affect the hair growth phase and alter the outcome of the next session and disrupt treatment.