About Us

Seren Edalı, the founder of Relax Beauty Center in İstanbul-Turkey, the first “spa” based on the beauty’s specific concept: Real Beauty.

RELAX has been combining pleasure with effectiveness, and treatment research with the expertise of Beauty professionals, since May 2017.

RELAX Beauty Spa… at Çamlık, Etiler in İstanbul, guided by the creative inspiration of the brands.

A prestigious address and an exclusive setting in which the expertise and know-how of the “Beauty Experts”, where the combined effect of high-performance products, devices and treatments for the body and face reveals each woman’s unique beauty.

Based on the expertise of our Beauty Experts, RELAX treatments, offer to each client the best possible visible and lasting result…

RELAX treatments are the result of the combination of the beautician’s expert hands, exclusive massage techniques and highly effective products

Next, it is a personalised treatment RELAX offers you a world of organic beauty with made-to-measure treatments focused on the beauty of the face and body

The Beauty Experts intuitively understand each individual, in order to better translate his or her thoughts and, most importantly, to hear everything that is left unsaid


Combining sensuality, effectiveness and professionalism

Different fragrances, textures and materials are alternated through the worldwide brands and devices.